Alpha Brush 2

A complete, user-friendly cementitious waterproofing system, consisting of a two-component factory blended package in a strict quality control environment, to ensure optimum results after use. The two components are mortar based on cement, fine-grain aggregates with special additives and synthetic polymers in water dispersion. After curing it forms a flexible layer Impermeable to C02, S02, chlorides and sulphates.


  • Protect cement supports and masonry against humidity and cellar water.

  • Waterproofing of cisterns, tunnels, reservoirs, basements and retaining walls.

  • Waterproofing positive pressure areas such as pools and dams.

  • Waterproofing negative pressure areas such as galleries, humid rooms, elevator shafts, and elasticity characteristics because it contains latex.

Packing 15 Kg dry compound, 5 Kg liquid compoun
Application Method TrowelI BrushI Spray(afrermixing)
Form / Color Slurry (afrermixing) / Grey-Offwhire

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