Mars Bond - SBR

Mars Bond SBR is a Styrene Butadiene Rubber co-polymer product which is used in mortar and concrete as an admixture and bonding agent to increase its water resistance and durability.


  • Enhances the flexural and tensile strength of the mortar and render.

  • Provides good resistance to water and moisture vapour transmission.

  • Improves the chemical and abrasion resistant properties of the mortar.

  • Can be applied in thin screed without cracking

  • Reduces the water/cement ratio

  • Easy to use

  • Compatible with all types of cements

  • Reduce shrinkage

  • Excellent adhesion to most building materials

  • Good resistance to salt permeation

  • Prolonged corrosion protection

  • Similar thermal expansion and modulus properties like concrete

  • Can be used in potable water applications

Packing 5 Kgs / 20 Kgs
Application Method Brush
Form/Color Liquid / White

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