Mars Board

MARS BOARD is a pre-molded bitumious board used as protection against backfill and horizontal construction traffic.

  • Protection layer against backfill below grade are as such, as foundations and basements.

  • Against damage caused by construction traffic.

  • Concreting or other toppings in horizontal areas.

  • Protection for the waterproofing for walls, slabs, parking, plaza, terraces, tunnels, bridges, plantes, pools and fountains.

  • MARS BOARD provides a positive protection not only during construction and backfilling but also at the time of later settement.

MARS BOARD should be installed in buff joints continuosly over the waterproofing material staggering the joints whenever possible. Cut the MARS BOARD with roofer's knife as required to obtain

On horizontal surfaces, MARS BOARD can be placed loose directly on the waterproofing membrance or coating while spot bonding with MARS BOARD or neoprene adhesive on the edges to avoid spillage.

On vertical surfaces, MARS BOARD can be fixed two recommended ways:

  • Cold adhesion by the means of spot bonding with MARS MASTIC or neoprene adhesive.

  • Heated application by slightly burning the underside of the board away from the surface and quickly pressing

A temporary support might be necessary until the back filling starts. During the backfilling, care must be taken ensure the board is not dragged down.

HEALTH & SAFETY (Environment Test (ASTM 0543) Health Hazards)

Irrespective of thickness MARS BOARD is resistant chloridas, sulphates and phosphates found in ground water. There is no health hazards associated with normal usage. water gloves while handling to avoid injury.

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